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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13012913330639 Submitted: 29 January 2013 Modified: 29 May 2014

Childhood discipline: A comparative analysis on the perceptions and parenting styles of working mothers.

E L. Tumbocon,
A V. Pineda Jr,
E I. Maglonzo

"Parents can be successful guides for their children's development if they understand the goals of child behavior". This study was done among working and non-working mothers of Tugatog, Malabon, Metro Manila to determine their perceptions on childhood discipline and their parenting styles. Of the 250 questionnaires distributed among the mothers, 235 forms were returned and evaluated. The present investigation noted significant statistical association in the following areas: Length of time spent with the family; Presence of other caregivers; Effects of family stresses; Different sources of information; Need for advice; Reasons for failure to seek doctors help; Different parenting styles. The following variables did not yield significant results: Effect of childhood experiences; Husband's role in discipline; Resource persons on discipline; Problem areas of discipline; Disciplinary methods.

Publication Type
Biennial Report
University of Santo Tomas Research Report 1994-1996
Publication Date
January 1996
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