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HERDIN Record #: CAR-BGHMC-12111516215271 Submitted: 16 November 2012 Modified: 26 November 2012

Awake craniotomy for tumor excision: a first in BGHMC.

Objective: This report describes a new procedure on the first awake craniotomy done for tumor excision at BGHMC.
This new approach determines maximal tumor resection achievable with acceptable postoperative neurologic dysfunction in patients undergoing awake tumor resection in eloquent regions of the brain. This includes the advances in instrumentation, anesthesia methods and innovations in techniques that have promoted the upheaval of surgery in the past. The authors report the first brain tumor excision done under Awake Craniotomy in BGHMC.
Result: The technique of using awake craniotomy in excision of tumor allowed optimal access and real time neurologic assessment during tumor resection located in eloquent areas of the cerebral cortex. Likewise, overall, decreases general anesthesia exposure and its probable side effects to the

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Research Report
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Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Fulltext Print Format
1. Canadian Journal of Anesthesia 50, 835-838, 2003
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