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The use of banana leaf in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores.

Edwin C. De Leon

A total of 107 patients with varied diagnosis firstly confined at the Medical Intermediate Care Unit (MICU) of the Veterans Memorial Medical Center were included in this study irregardless of age and sex, height and weight. Most patients were diagnosed to have cerebrovascular accident and those who were severely ill whose sensorium were obtunded.

Banana leaves were applied in patients with pressure sores ranging from Grade 1-2. Comparison was also done between patients manifesting no bed sores wherein banana leaves were applied in one group and omitted in another.

This study shows that application of banana leaves prevents development of bedsores in 51.73 of cases compared to 100 if banana leaves are not applied. In Grade I bedsore (hyperemia) a cure rate of 57.69 is noted but with Grade 2 bedsores, complete healing is noted only for 29.17 which is not significant.

This study, therefore, shows that application of banana leaves helps in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores especially Grade I (hyperemia). Banana leaves has no significant effect in Grade 2 bedsores.

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Journal Article, Reprint
Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine
Publication Date
May-June 1986
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