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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDUP910040 Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 23 July 2019

Stress and job satisfaction among postgraduate interns: A survey of 17 medical institutions in Metro Manila.

Ma Agnes Bernadette  Enrico ,
Nora L. Presbitero ,
Emmanuel T. Lucio ,
Jo-Ann G. Lapradez ,
Edwin M. Gonzaga ,
Olivia C. Garcia ,
Estelita M. Fong ,
Dianne D. Escarro ,
Paul John G. Roa

A total of 364 postgraduate medical interns from 17 hospitals in Metro Manila answered self-administered questionnaires on the Internship Training Program. This included current work experience, sources of and responses to stress and the tendency to be depressed. Results showed satisfaction in the volume and diversity of patients and, dissatisfaction primarily in the lack of financial benefits. Passing the board examination and sleep deprivation were the most common sources of stress while the most common response to stress was to go on with the usual routine. Female interns tend to be more depressed. This findings will help promote continuous support to the medical interns during their stressful training.

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Journal Article, Original
Sto Tomas Journal of Medicine
Publication Date
July-September 1989
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