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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD012608120154 Submitted: 26 January 2008

Effects of sexual activity of no-scalpel vasectomy among patients on three municipalities in Catanduanes.

Diosdado Magbanua,
Cristina D. Morcillo

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Publication Type
Research Report
November 30, 2003


General Objective:This study wanted to determine the effects on sexual activity of no-scalpel vasectomy among patients in three municipalities in Catanduanes,namely Bagamanoc,Virac and San Andres
Specific Objectives:Specifically,it aimed at determining NSV subjects';1.experience on their sexual activity in terms of drive b.frequency of sexual intercourse c.strength,duration and frequency of erection d.resumption of sexual activity
2.perceived change in stamina
3.perception of his own masculinity
4.perception of self after people's knowledge that underwent NSV
5.It also aimed to determine factors that affect subjects' decision to undergo NSV

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Manila Central University-Filemon D. Tanchoco Memorial Foundation 330 Abstract

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