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HERDIN Record #: PCHRD012508100137 Submitted: 26 January 2008

A study of prenatal,natal,postnatal practices and beliefs of Aeta(Baluga) in Sitio Baquilan,Brgy.Malomboy,Botolan,Zambales.

Clarissa Ykutanen,
Maria Cristina S. Sunga,
Benjie F. Sugui

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Publication Type
Research Report
November 30, 2003


General Objective|:To determine the common prenatal,natal and post natal practices and beliefs of Aeta(Baluga) women with children in Sitio Baquilan,Barangay Malomboy,Botolan,Zambales.
Specific Objectives:1.To determine the appropriate age of the respondent,their age on their first birth and number of children.
2.To determine the practices of Aeta(Baluga)mother during prenatal periods with regards to;diet,health practices,superstitious.
3.To determine the practics of Aeta(Baluga)mother during Natal periods with regards to;material use,place of birth,birth attendant,superstition.
4.To determine the practices of Aeta(Baluga)mother during postnatal periods with regards to;care for the newborn,care for the mother,superstition

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Manila Central University-Filemon D. Tanchoco Memorial Foundation 338 Abstract

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