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Submitted: 07 August 2019 Modified: 07 August 2019
HERDIN Record #: 108920-19080716185053

Factors contributing to overweight and obesity among college students of Benguet State University.

Jael L. Antiola,
Maribel L. Paciteng,
Levie Aprille B. Rosito,
Jocylyn W. Angeles

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This study is designed to determine the factors contributing to overweight and obesity among college students at Benguet State University when grouped according to age, sex, living status, ethnic affiliation and BMI. It also looked into the reasons of overweight and obesity.


This study was conducted at Benguet State University, La Trinidad, Benguet. In substantiating the study, a descriptive cross-sectional research method was employed in the data gathering. Structured questionnaires that went through series of pretest was personally explained and was conducted to the respondent after which the administration of questionnaire was followed through a quantitative guided questions. Face-to-face interview was facilitated after gathering the result of the quantitative guided questions.


The findings revealed that the college students of Benguet State University have normal BMI, regardless of age, sex, living status, and ethnic affiliation. However, female respondents have greater number of overweight and obese of which, it was found in this research that male were engaged more in certain physical activities than females.

The findings also revealed that the greatest contributing factor to overweight and obesity is diet. The respondents agreed that includes food offers in the nearby canteens such as fried as it lowers the metabolism of a person as it increases the reabsorption of the food that was eaten.


It is hereby concluded that greater number of females are overweight and obese more than men which is affected by diet and activity.

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