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Submitted: 08 November 2018 Modified: 07 December 2018
HERDIN Record #: R07-CDU-18110814392297

Knowledge of sexually transmitted infection and attitude on preventive measures among college students in a selected school in Mandaue City: A program to enhance attitude on prevention.

1Cherisse Anne C. Balibalos,
2Aiko s. Eugenio,
3Louie Christian D. Hera,
4Jennifer S. Javier,
5Niña Mae M. Necesario,
6Sheena Doreen C. Sabiona,
7Neil Aljun L. Singson,
8Armand K. Cuasito
College of Nursing - Cebu Doctors' University


         A descriptive-correlational study was utilized to determine the relationship between knowledge on sexually transmitted infection and attitude on preventive measures towards sexually transmitted infection among college students. The research study was conducted in a selected college in Mandaue City. Complete enumeration was utilized and 304 respondents were gathered. "Sexually Transmitted Disease-Knowledge Questionnaire (STD-KQ)", a standardized 27-item tool developed by Jaworski and Carey in 2007, was used to determine the level of knowledge. "Attitude on Preventive Measures" questionnaire, a 13-item modified tool adapted from the study of Svensson and Waern (2013) that was used to measure attitude towards preventive measures on STI.

         Most of the respondents were young adults (62.5%) and majority were females (73%) and more than half of them were Roman Catholics (88.5%). The level of knowledge among respondents was low. The level of attitude among the respondents was high. Age, sex and religion did not affect the relationship between the two variables. Chi-square test was performed and showed no significant relationship between knowledge on Sexually Transmitted Infection and attitude on preventive measures towards Sexually Transmitted Infection (p-value=0.965) among selected college students in Mandaue City.

         There was no significant relationship between knowledge on sexually transmitted infection and attitude on preventive measures towards sexually transmitted infection. The researchers recommend the need for seminars on reproductive health, discussion on the common and prevalent diseases in the community that were focused in the study, consider existing programs related to STI, and collaborate with other agencies. In addition to that, there is a need to enhance attitude towards preventive measures of STI by conducting an open forum to address problems with openness of the respondents to topics about Sexually Transmitted Infection and the importance of protecting oneself, practicing safe sexual choices and accessing to high quality health care.

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August 2017

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