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Submitted: 02 October 2018 Modified: 06 October 2018
HERDIN Record #: R07-UCB-18100211220947

Knowledge, attitude and practice towards antibiotic use among 4th year nursing undergraduates of the University of Cebu-Banilad S.Y. 2017-2018.

1Alyssa Clairce Buena,
2Andrea Shanna Compay,
3Elgen Ray Dablo,
4Amiel Niño Nepomuceno,
5Mary Claire  Perez,
6Michael David Ramos,
7Excel Jimms Roche,
8Beatrice Andrea Sievert,
9Mary Mariz Susaya,
10Janella Yecyec,
11Mark Jospeh Zurbito,
12Ana Marie Ragay
School of Medicine - University of Cebu - Banilad Campus - University of Cebu


Introduction: As the rate of antibiotic resistance becomes more rapid in the world, with close attention to the Philippines, it is very much important that undergraduate students especially under paramedical courses like Nursing be aware about the alarming issues of antibiotic resistance for they are the future healthcare professionals. this, in turn, will help improve the appropriate use of antibiotics not only nationwide, but also worldwide.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of 57 randomly selected 4th year Nursing students from the University of Cebu-Banilad. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaire assessing their knowledge, attitude and practice towards antibiotic use were distributed and results were analyzed using Google Forms.

Results: Almost all of the respondents agreed that an indiscriminate use of antibiotics will lead to an ineffective treatment, increased adverse effects and emergence of bacterial resistance. However, there was a confusion observed between the illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses, and the use of antibiotics to target bacterial infections.

Conclusion: Gaps in terns of knowledge, attitude and practice regarding antibiotics use among the Nursing students were observed. Therefore, it would be advisable to introduce specific course and training about the importance of proper antibiotic use and drug resistance in undergraduate prospectus.

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June 2018
University of Cebu - School of Medicine

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