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Submitted: 03 September 2018 Modified: 03 September 2018
HERDIN Record #: R04A-UPHBL-18090311562326


Bo Dominick U. Bugho,
Junelyn Roca R. Cayago,
Gillaine Ann M. Deseo

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     Comics have been widely used as a source if entertainment, communication and even education. They are widely used most commonly as a mode of entertainment and storytelling. Comics are popular among the younger generation because of the incorporated illustrations which children and teenagers find desirable.

     Subsequently, children experience injuries resulting from something unexpected such as their backpacks. Studies show that 56.3% of the time, children are unaware of the faulty ways if how they use their backpacks. APTA has issued a set of guidelines for the proper use of backpacks for their own country. The  researchers have exhausted all information and found no such guidelines in the Philippines regarding this issue. With the alarming prevalence of backpack injuries, the researchers have thought to use this topic for the study of acceptability of comics as a safety manual. The researchers then created a comic that will be used in this study and a questionnaire utilizing a likert scale that will rate the acceptability of the comics. The legend of the scoring  of the comic is as follows; 5 (five) for outstanding, 4 (four)  for very acceptable; 3(three) for fairly acceptable, 2 (two) for somewhat acceptable and a 1 (one) for not acceptable. The comic's two major components, its design and its overall impact were tested, along with other minor components that are under the two major components. The results show that with a mean average of (4.47) the comic's design is interpreted with a score of highly acceptable and the comic's overall impact has a mean average of (4.51) which can be interpreted as outstanding. The results show that comics as a safety manual is acceptable in raising backpack safety awareness among students.



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Thesis Degree
College of Physical Therapy
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April 2018
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