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Submitted: 09 July 2010 Modified: 19 August 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD07081011073832

Assessment on integrated management of childhood illness implementation.

Anna Katrina Corpuz,
Jay Nhel Batoon,
Rocelyn Barrientos,
Mehetabel Mermal,
Geraldinn Laurhea Lee,
Mary Angeline Kasilag,
Hanika Gerodias

The research detennined the extent of implementation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) when conducted by BSN 3 students, as well as the assessment of the progress to the community and to the student nurses who have gone to help them through IMCI.

The instrument used was duly validated questionnaires, which were divided into 4 categories namely, family-nurse relationship, nursing care, health teachings, and the effect of the implementation done by the family. Results show that there is an extensive implementation of IMCI conducted by BSK 3. The methods the family used to prevent and manage childhood illness yielded a very extensive result.

It is thus recommended that the BSN 3 students should maintain, and if possible, improve, their performance in establishing family-nurse relationship, rendering care and giving health teachings. Moreover, BSK students should also encourage the people to utilize health services offered by the health center especially immunization, check-up and IMCI.

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