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Submitted: 03 December 2014 Modified: 23 September 2015
HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-14120306323546

A case report of a foreign body ingestion presenting as an typical anterior neck mass (2003)

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Design: Case Report 

              A 3 year old male child presented with a four month history of anterior neck mas associated with cough and fever. The patient was initially treated as a case of upper respiratory tract infection and was given amoxicillin for seven days with resolution of the mass. Two months after, recurrence of the anterior neck mas was noted with no medication taken  nor any consultation done. The patient eventually presented with dysphagia  and poor appetite. Radiography of the anterior neck was taken and revealed an inverted open safety pin lodged in the hypopharynx. Endoscopy and removal of foreign body showed a rusty open safety pin at the pyriform sinus. However, common clinical manifestation of foreign body ingestion such a history of choking, drooling, vomiting, bleeding and pain were absent in this patient, causing delay of diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Conclusion: Therefore, given the various clinical manifestation of foreign body ingestion, a high level of index suspicion is often necessary for diagnosis in the absence of the classical signs and symptoms. Early recognition of these diverse clinical manifestation by the clinicians greatly prevents complications as well as morbidity and mortality. Extensive dissemination of information with regards to proper prevention of accidental foreign body ingestion to parents and caregivers by the clinicians plays an important role.


Publication Type
Research Report



 1. To know the various clinical manifestations of foreign body ingestion.

 2. To educate parents and caregivers proper prevention of accidental ingestion  of foreign body.

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