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Submitted: 03 December 2014 Modified: 17 September 2015
HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-14120303364451

Clinical factors associated with acute infectious diarrhea on all under five patients admitted at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.Ward 7-Oral Rehydration Therapy unit and Gastro unit from March 1,2005 to March 31,2005; case-control study.

Darwin L. Pitago,
Patria Angos,
Junjie Sazola

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Design: This is case-control study.Data were collected by interviewing the parents or caretaker of each patient admitted and included in the study at ORT unit and Gastro unit  from March 01,2005 to March 31, 2005 as case with those non-diarhheal cases of same age group in other section of Ward 7 as control using a questionnaire. Data were then analyzed thru Pearson's Product-Movement Correlation Coefficient method.

Results: A total of 40 patients admitted at ORT unit and Gastro unit due to diarrhea were being correlated to the clinical factors associated with acute infectious diarrhea. Some components used to evaluate diarrhea are contributing the disease with lesser impact. The following were noted to be that of age, sex, co-morbidities,mode of feeding, vitamin A supplementation, water source,hand washing practices and past history of diarrhea. There attribution to the disease is only minimal as it ranges only from zero to eighth point five percent. Nutritional status at time of admission, past history of measles, and toilet are the component or factors that are falling under the primary contributor to the illness.

Conclusion:  The different components used in evaluating the clinical factors with acute infectious diarrhea on all below five years of age are considered as preliminary source of information. The said components give pediatrician or any health care giver an idea of some leading causes of the disease. Therefore it is considered as an initial tool of inquiry that should be administered to patients as it gives some information needed to establish factors attributing to the ailment. 

Publication Type
Research Report
March 1-31, 2005


I. General Objectives:

     To determine the clinical factors associated with acute infectious diarrhea on all under five patients seen at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center Ward-7 Oral Rehydration Therapy Unit and Gastro unit from March 01,2005 to March 31. 2005.


II. Specific Objectives:

      To study the clinical factors of all under five patients seen at ORT unit and gastro uni as to their

         a. Age

         b. Sex

         c. Co-morbidities

         d. Mode of feeding

         e. Nutritional status at the time of admission

         f. Vitamin A supplementation status for 6 month of age and above

         g. Family size

         h. Water

         i.  Hand washing practice of mother or caretaker at home

         j. Past history of diarrhea for the past 6 months

         k. History of measles

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