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Submitted: 02 December 2013 Modified: 15 January 2014
HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-13120215301943

Factors Affecting the Length of Hospital Stay of Patients with Femoral Fracture Admitted at Orthopedic Ward from June to September 2011

Judith D. Flores

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Design: Prospective analytical Study
Setting: Orthopedic Ward, VSMMC, Tertiary Teaching Hospital, cebu.
Study Population: All charity patients admitted within 24 hour from incident for femoral fracture due to trauma who needs to to be operated regardless premorbid condition from June to September 2011.
Main Outcome: The primary end point for analysis is to determine the factors affecting the length of hospital stay. The average length of hospital stay, main outcome of surgery, post-operative complications, and mortalities were secondary end-points.
Results: The average length of stay (ALOS) for all 31 patients who underwent major operations/ interventions was 50 days. Of the 1,550 patient-days, 722 (46% of the total length of stay) days were spent awaiting for the materials and medications needed for the operation, 355 (23%) days awaiting surgery,133 (9 %) days awaiting recovery after surgery without complications, 83 (5%) days being treated for surgical and or medical complications, 55 (4%) days awaiting discharge. As for patients who underwent minor interventions, 6 patients were being followed-up with an average of 22 days hospital stay. Of the 130 patient days of acute hospital care, 125 (96%) days were spent receiving conservative management such as traction, casting, control of pain and swelling. 5 (4%) days spent awaiting discharge after medical and minor interventions were completed.

Conclusions: For patients who underwent major operations, almost half of the length of hospital stay was due time awaiting for the materials and medications needed for the operation due to financial constraint. Only about a quarter were due to hospital factors such as unavailability of the operating room and doctors. For patients who underwent minor interventions majority of time 96% of the total length of stay were spent receiving conservative management.

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Research Report


Objective: This study aims to identify factors affecting the length of hospital stay of all admitted patients with femoral fracture from June to September 2011.

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