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Submitted: 29 November 2013 Modified: 23 January 2014
HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-13112915501988

A study on the Factors affecting the compliance of Animal Bite Patients seen in Animal Bite Treatment Center, VSMMC OPD, from July to December 2011

Adones T. Nambatac

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Rabies is viral infection causes a fatal encephalomyelitis. It is a rampant health problem in the country, with approximately 600 citizens dying of it every year. The lack of discipline towards animal care and the fact that animals are allowed to roam around freely in the streets are the main culprits behind the high incidence of rabies in the Philippines.

This is a retrospective study of patient's profile that was enrolled at the Animal Bite Treatment Center in VSMMC OPD from July to December 2011.

There were total 108 patients enrolled in the six month period. Majority were in the 0-10 age group, mostly males with category III exposure. Three fourths of the population has completed the treatment regimen. The remaining had incomplete outcome. The factors affecting the compliance were financial, psychological and socio-cultural.

Publication Type
Research Report


To identify the different factors affecting the compliance of animal bite seen at the VSMMC Animal bite treatment center.

Specific objective :
1. To determine the demographic profile of animal bite patients seen at the VSMMC Animal Bite Treatment Center from July 2011 - December 2011 as to age, sex, type of animal and the category of exposure.
2. To determine if there is a relationship between the demographic profile and compliance of vaccination of rabies.
3. To identify the factors affecting completion of the scheduled ( treatment) rabies management.

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