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Submitted: 29 November 2013 Modified: 23 January 2014
HERDIN Record #: R07-CVHRDC-13112914460227

Doppler Velocimetry Study in Predicting Small For Gestational Age ( SGA) Fetuses Among Preeclamptic Patients at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

Adeline C. Linawagan

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This was a prospective cohort study done at the OB-GYN Ultrasound Unit of the institution. Fifty cases of hypertensive patients on their second and third trimester of pregnancy (>28 weeks age of gestation) who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were enrolled. The study subjects age and parity were recorded. Patients included in the study were those who had recorded blood pressures of >140/90 on two or more occasions with each determination taken six hours apart after ensuring the patients had adequate rest. The subjects were then classified into either the mild preeclampsia group or severe preeclampsia group. Color doppler velocimetry of both the uterine and umbilical arteries were performed and SD ratios were determined as follows: a) both uterine and umbilical arteries had normal SD ratio, b) abnormal umbilical SD ratio and normal uterine SD ratio, c) normal umbilical SD ratio and abnormal uterine SD ratio, and d) both umbilical and uterine artery SD ratios were abnormal. Data on the neonatal birthweights in relation to the age of gestation were collected and analysed with the results of the doppler velocimetry using appropriate statistical tool for significant difference between proportions (p <0.01 will be considered highly significant difference and p <0.05 as significant difference).

Majority of the patients were primiparas (55%). For patients whose ages were between 18-29 years old, 57% had mild preeclmpsia, 52% severe preeclampsia, while between 30-42 years old, 43% have mild preeclampsis, 48% severe preeclampsia. In the final analysis, there was an association of SGA and abnormal result in Doppler findings in umbilical artery (p =0.00). In addition, normal cases were also associated with fetuses whose weights were appropriate for gestational age (AGA) (p =0.00).
Lastly, among uterine artery result, there was also an association of SGA and abnormal result in Doppler findings ( p = 0.03) while, normal outcome was associated with AGA ( p = 0.03).

The results of abnormal umbilical artery were more significant than uterine artery in predicting perinatal outcome since abnormal umbilical artery findings was more associated with SGA babies. Color Doppler is an excellent tool for non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring of preeclampsia patients.

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Research Report


The researcher aimed to evaluate the role of color doppler velocimetry in predicting small for gestational age (SGA) fetuses among preeclamptic patients admitted at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center from January to December 2010.

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