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Submitted: 29 January 2013 Modified: 30 January 2013
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13012913595176

A Multivariate analysis of the child's criteria for cirrhosis as related to hepatobiliary tuberculosis.

R R. Gonzalez,
H T. Mappala,
J D. Sollano Jr,
S Z. Alvarez,
J Y. Perez Jr

Fourty-seven histologically diagnosed cases ofhepatobiliary TB were included in a study to analyze and integrate the Child's criteria. prognosticating survival and mortality using the multivariate analytica method. Eighty-one percent presented jaundice; 60% with ascites; 4% (2/47) with neurologic manifestations and in 36% (19/47) was classified as poor nutritional status. Thirty-six percent (17/47) was classified under Child's A: 24% (11/47), Child's Band 40% (19/47) under Child's C. There was no mortality among those classified as Child's A and B. Child's C patients showed a mortality rate of 47%. One hundred percent (9/9) of those who died had poor nutritional status, with ascites and serum albumin levels of less than 3.0 g/d; 77% (7/9) with even less than 2.5 g/dl. Twenty-two percent (2/9) of the deaths presented with neurological manifestations. The degree of jaundice, per se, did not significantly correlate with survival.

Publication Type
Biennial Report
University of Santo Tomas Research Report 1994-1996
Publication Date
January 1996

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