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Submitted: 03 September 2010
HERDIN Record #: R03-BPSU-09031010092473

Pharmaceutical Values of Morinda Citrifolia Linn. (Apatot) Fruits.

Angelina P. Acuna,
Ruth C. Cruz,
Yolanda B. Simbul

Apatot plant is known as
medicinal plant throughout the
Philippines and other countries. For
some folks, they used the Apatot
leaves for treating coughs, enlarged
spleen, nausea, colic, fever, wounds
and ulcers.
This information encouraged the
researchers to investigate further the
pharmaceutical values from other
parts of the plants. The researchers
had undergone study of the fruits of
Apatot plant. The extracted fruit juice
was mixed with a base to form
ointment and tincture for treating
wounds, burns, eczema and other
skin diseases.
In this study, the researchers
contributed the medicinal products produced out of fruit juice that can help to the
community with an affordable price for the consumers as substitute to the
commercial ointment and tincture.
The products were processed by means of extracting the fruit juice, then
undergone drying, evaporating and mixing with a base in different proportion and

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