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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 22 May 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC040846

Correlation of the severity of OSA with hypertension among Filipino obstructive sleep apnea patients undergoing sleep study at St. Luke's Medical Center from 1998-2002.

1Raphael Ryan R. Zantua II,
2 Cynthia A. Mapua,
3 Mercy Antoinette S. Gappi,
4 Susana G. Garcia,
5 Loreto  J. Codamos


BACKGROUND: Epidemiologic surveys have indicated associations among snoring Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patients and cardiovascular diseases, specifically hypertension. OSA have been shown to be an independent risk factor for hypertension. Generally, the more severe the OSA, the more severe the hypertension. The main objective of this study therefore, is to correlate the severity of OSA with hypertension.
DESIGN: Cross-sectional study
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Date gathered from Filipino patients enrolled in the sleep center from January 1998 to December 2002 were reviewed. Chi-square test of association analysis was performed to determine the correlation of the severity of OSA with hypertension. The level of significance is set at 0.05.
RESULTS: Of the 458 patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria, 344 were diagnosed to have OSA. Hypertension is most prevalent in severe OSA cases (45.2 percent) than those with less severe OSA (mild-39.5 percent, moderate-31.0 percent). The computed level of significance yielded a p value of 0.083.
CONCLUSIONS: In this study, there is no significant evidence to conclude that hypertension. Is correlated with the severity of OSA among Filipino patients.

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Journal Article, Original
Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine
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July-August 2003
Philippine College of Physicians

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