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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC900867 Submitted: 16 May 2007

On the alkaloids of Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr.

 Santos AC

Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr. contains yellow quarterly bases which by reduction go over into colorless tertiary tetrahydrocompounds
Berberine, previously reported to be present in Arcangelisia flava (L.) Merr., but not properly or sufficiently indentified, is shown to be the principal alkaloid in this paper. It is accompanied by small amounts of jatrorrhizine and columbamin, which were isolated in the form of tetrahydrojatrorrhizine and tetrahydrocolumbamine, respectively, together with small amounts of nonphenolic quartery base, reducible to a colorless tertiary base melting at 136x-138x and with a methoxyl content of 27.28 percent. This base is identical with the tetrahydroshobakunin recently isolated by Kondo and Tomita.(Author)

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Nat Appl Sci Bull
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