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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC900849

Influence of fertilizer on the growth of calamonding (Citrus mitis Blco.).

 Felizardo BS,
 Napitan JC Jr,
 Valmayor RV,
 Nazareno NB

A five year observation on the growth yield of calamonding trees grown on cover cropped Lipa loam soil and treated with fertilizer combinations showed that complete fertilizer was best for the trees. With phosphorus, a ratio of 1:1 nitrogen to potassium was the best and a 1:2 ratio, the most inferior. Neither phosphorous nor potassium influence the size of the fruit. Moisture supply in the soil greatly influenced the yield, the size and the quality of fruit.(Author)

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Philipp Agric
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