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Submitted: 16 May 2007
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC900845

The effect of spacing and artificial pollination on seed yield and other characteristics of ampalaya (Momordica charantia L.).

 Catedral IG,
 Mamicpic NG

The total fruit and seed yields of Momordica charantia L. (cv. Nueva Ecija) trellis-grown for seed production were increased by almost 50% when spacing was reduced from 1 x 1 m to 1 x 0.25m, although fruit and seed size and the number of seeds/fruit decreased. Compared with natural pollination, band pollination increased the seeds/fruit by 17% in self-pollinated fruit and 39% in cross-pollinated fruit. Cross-pollination also increased the percentage of large seeds.(Author)

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Philipp J Crop Sci
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