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Living with congestive heart failure: understanding the journey through Husserlian Lens.

Liezle Mae  R. Alguno

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This phenomenological study explored the lived experiences of patients with Congestive Heart Failure. Congestive heart failure (CHF) also called as chronic heart failure, is an ongoing condition in which the muscles of the heart is weakened and can't pump well as it normally does (Better Health Channel, 2015). A semi structured interview guide was utilized to interview six (6) individuals with Congestive Heart who participated in this study. Participants were recruited both in hospital and community setting with ages of 50 years old and above. Collaizi's method of analysis was used in the identification of themes and in providing exhaustive description on the life of patients with Congestive Heart Failure. Analysis of the data revealed that living with CHF has many dimensions and affects all aspects of the individual's life. Participants utilized a variety of support systems and coping mechanisms to deal with the many challenges as well as the wide array of emotions encountered while living with CHF. Three themes emerged entitled Diverse Emotion upon Diagnosis, Struggles and Limitations and Sources of Coping. Under subthemes in Diverse Emotional Reaction upon Diagnosis include Fear and Anxiety, Sad or Depressed and Acceptance.  The Struggles and Limitations theme has the following subthemes: Physical Limitations, Financial Limitations and Psychosocial Struggles. The following subthemes of Support System, Spirituality and Positive Thoughts comprise the theme cluster of Sources of Coping. The result of the study has implication in the nursing practice and future researchers.

Keywords: Congestive heart failure, diverse emotional reaction upon diagnosis. struggles and limitations, coping.  support system. spirituality. positive thought.

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Thesis Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
October 2015
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Cebu Normal University T A396 2015 Abstract Print Format
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