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Submitted: 19 March 2019 Modified: 19 March 2019
HERDIN Record #: 7024-19031915182255

Physical attractiveness and self-esteem of plastic surgery patients.

Daniel Francis T. Tan

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Plastic Surgery has the role in improving one's physical attractiveness and self-esteem.  An answer to such unhappiness that one might feel when looking in the mirror and an option that can benefit one for an entire lifetime

 The study aimed to determine the difference in the level of physical attractiveness and self-esteem among plastic surgery patients before and after surgery in New Life Plastic Surgicentre - Gullas Memorial Hospital.

The researcher utilized a descriptive survey method of research. It described information, interpreted data, observed characteristics and determined the extent of self-esteem among plastic surgery patients: before and after surgery. The study made use of a quantitative method utilizing a researcher made interview questionnaire to collect data from the identified respondents.

The results revealed that majority of the respondents were females and married. Most of them were businesswomen and health care providers. They used their own money as means of payment of the procedure. Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty were among the top two procedures availed by the respondents.

Moreover, the data collected based on statistics reflects that there was a significant difference on the patient's physical attractiveness after the surgery. The result reflects an improvement in the level of physical attractiveness of the participants from "sometimes attractive" to "often attractive".

Furthermore, there was a significant difference on the patient's self-esteem after the surgery. This illustrates that the self-esteem of the participants before the surgery was describe as high esteem which then upgrade to very high esteem after the surgery.

Based on the findings of the study, it is concluded that the plastic surgery procedure done to the patient was effective in improving their level of perceived physical attractiveness and self-esteem.

The researcher recommends further enhancing and exploring the beauty of plastic surgery. An in-depth study would be much interesting especially in the field of beauty, confidence, career and work performance.  Aside from physical attractiveness and self-esteem, there are some other factors that can be studied further by the future researchers.

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Thesis Degree
Medical-Surgical Nursing
Publication Date
March 2011
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Cebu Normal University CP T161 2011 Abstract Print Format
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