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The Life-quest: an explanatory theory on the human pursuit for well-being.

Cyril  Amoin

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This dissertation begins with The Life-Quest Theory, a deductively derived theory on the human pursuit of well-being (Amoin, 2013a). The theory presented the dynamic projection and pursuance of the two paths to well-being, further suggesting that as an individual lives he or she would consistently quest for well being. To substantiate the contentions of the Life-Quest theory multiple qualitative research approaches were conducted:

(1) A meta-ethnography on the experience on old age follows (Study I; Amoin, 2013b). Findings suggest that old is a point in time that requires an act of acceptance and adjustment. If this is well observed, flourishing, which is mastering human capacities, can occur. It further presented the different dimensions and the underlying categories of flourishing.

(2) A narrative inquiry on the story of centenarians was conducted (Study II; Amoin, 2013c). The experiences of the seven centenarians were retold and were written to eight stories. The stories, presented in chronology, revealed the highs and lows of human existence over a period of 100 years. Emphasis on old age unraveled tales of endurance, loss, and strong faith.

(3) The transcripts were then methodologically triangulated using multi-grounded theory approach (Study III; Amoin, 2013d). Confrontations and Strategies in Advanced Age (CSAA) Theory emerged, proposing that old age has its inherent development tasks that are more challenging that the previous life stages. Purpose in life is particularly challenged and reconstructed leading to a transcendental understanding of human life.

The meta-ethnography, narrative inquiry, and multi-grounded theory substantiated and validated the propositions of the Life-Quest theory. Findings of this dissertation present to be useful in clinical practice and in research of the following fields of sciences nursing and medicine, gerontology and geriatrics, psychology and sociology, and philosophy.

Keywords: gerontology, old age, well-being, metasynthesis, narrative inquiry, centenarian, flourishing, qualitative research

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Gerontology Nursing
Publication Date
February 2014
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Cebu Normal University T A523 2014 Abstract Print Format
1. Amoin, C T. Cebu Normal UniversityThe life-quest theory: An explanatory theory on the human pursuit for well-being. Cebu, Philippines. 2013. (PhD)
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