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HERDIN Record #: 102255-19022715483275 Submitted: 27 February 2019 Modified: 22 August 2019

A quasi-experimental study on the effect of a nursery rhyme on the comfort of infants after vaccination in selected barangay health centers in Quezon City.

Monique Louise L. Maglaqui,
Mark Victor A. Magbanua,
Natash Angela D. Llabres,
Princess Aurea  L. Maderazo,
Kim T. Jacob,
Joseph M. Jimenez,
Jillan Lorraine V. Jugo,
Erick Rowel G. Ko,
Jamila S. Labarentos,
Anna Eloisa A. Lagman,
Angeli Carina Lahoz,
Jean-Valerie M. Lalusis,
Marionne Ainon M. Lanzona ,

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Introduction Administration of parenteral medications may cause pain in infants. This study aimed to assess the efficacy of a nursery rhyme in increasing the comfort of infants after vaccination. 

Methods Infants who were brought to six barangay health for vaccination were recruited. Infants from three barangay health centers were randomly assigned to the experimental group, while infants from the other three were assigned to the control group. A Filipino nursery rhyme Tatlong Bibe was played to the experimental group. The comfort of each infant was then assessed by a pediatrician prior to, immediately after, and two minutes post-vaccination using the COMFORT-B scale. Results were analyzed using independent t-tests.

Results Prior to vaccination, the control and experimental groups had mean COMFORT-B scores of 12.46 and 12.74 (p=0.634). respectively. The immediate post-vaccination mean COMFORT-B scores were 22.14 and 21.63 (p=0.420), while the 2 minutes post-vaccination mean COMFORT-B scores were 16.40 and 16.49 (p=0.927), respectively. There were no significant differences between groups for the three determinations.

Conclusion Based on the study results, the nursery rhyme had no significant effect on the comfort of infants after vaccination. 

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Journal Article, Original
The Health Sciences Journal
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July-December 2018
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