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HERDIN Record #: 108822-19022614110081 Submitted: 26 February 2019 Modified: 27 February 2019

Nursing process and patient outcome in H.W. Miller Sanitarium Hospital, Cebu City: Proposed Staff Nurse Development Program.

Socorro Melba H.  Garcia

This study determined the nursing practices and patient outcome of H.W. Miller Sanitarium Hospital, Cebu City. The findings of which will be the basis for improved staff development program. Specifically it answered the following inquiries: the profile of the respondents in terms of age, gender, education, work experience as a staff nurse, trainings/seminar attended related to the field of specialization for the past 3 years; how nursing process is being applied by the staff nurses in terms of assessment, nursing diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation and evaluation; patient outcome is evident in terms of error in medicine, patient falls, phlebitis and pressures sores. Null hypotheses; Is there is a significant difference between the practices of staff nurses and patient outcome? Out of the findings a proposed staff development program was made. This study utilized descriptive correlation method. It was conducted at H.W. Miller Sanitarium Hospital located at 400 Tres de Abril St., Cebu City. Included in this study were the thirty (30) staff nurses of H.W. Miller Sanitarium Hospital, who do not have any supervisory responsibilities. Instrumental tool was a researcher-made questionnaire. To determine its validity and applicability, the research instrument was pre-tested to volunteer nurses at Sacred Heart Hospital. The data obtained were treated using the following, statistical tools: to determine the profile of the respondents and nursing process and patient outcome a simple frequency percentage was employed; the weighted mean was utilized to determine the general responses of nurses and patient outcome. Chi square was used to correlate variables between nursing practices and patient outcome. Findings showed that as to age of the respondents, (50%) belonged to the stage of early adult (22-40 years old), while (50%) belonged to middle adulthood (40-59 years old), showing an equal percentage of respondents; as to gender, majority (22%) were females; as to education majority (74%) were BSN graduates; the work experience of the staff nurse (40%) was 5 years; and (33%) of the staff nurse have attended trainings and seminars related to this field of specialization. As to the nursing process, nurses strongly agree on assessment with a weighted mean of (3.50), on nursing diagnosis (3.48), on outcome identification (3.33). In planning with a weighted mean of (3.23) staff nurses agree. They strongly agree in implementation and in evaluation with weighted mean 0f (3.00). As to patient outcome majority (60%) committed errors in medication, on patient falls has a percentage of (6%), phlebitis (14%) and pressure sores (17%). There were no significant difference in nursing process and patient outcome. Based on the findings of the study, the research concludes that there is no difference in the nursing practices and the patient outcome of H.W. Miller Sanitarium Hospital. An improved staff development program was proposed based on the findings of the study.

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Master of Arts in Nursing
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October 2006
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