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Submitted: 06 April 2018 Modified: 29 January 2019
HERDIN Record #: R06-WVSU-18040614343038

Assessment of task-relevant knowledge of Barangay Heath Workers in Igbaras Iloilo.

P Clavel III,
R Labine,
W Espinosa,
K Tampus,
L Marold,
R Zarceno

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BACKGROUND: Adequacy of skills and task-relevant knowledge affects job performance. Task-relevant knowledge includes background knowledge needed to be able to perform a particular job. As front liners of primary health care, Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) are expected to have a adequate task-relevant knowledge, i.e., basic health educator and health care service provider.

OBJECTIVE: The study aimed to assess the level of task-relevant knowledge of BHWs in the following categories: Maternal and child care, family planning, nutrition, dental care and disease control and prevention, and to determine the relationship between level of task-relevant knowledge and age, educational background, and duration of services as BHW.

METHODS: This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in Igbaras Iloilo. A total of 183 Barangay Health Workers participated in the study. Level of task-relevant knowledge was assessed using a validated evaluation sheet with question focused on the following categories: Maternal and Child Care, Family Planning, Nutrition, Dental Care and Disease Control and Prevention. Level of knowledge was ranked according to their scores: indequate knowledge (<60%), marginal knowledge (60-74%) and adequate knowledge (>75%).   

RESULTS: BHWs have marginal task-relevant knowledge with an overall mean percentage score of 63%. Score were highest in family planning while lowest in dental care. No significant relationship was found between the level of task relevant knowledge and that of age, educational attainment and duration of service. 

CONCLUSION: Barangay health workers in Igbaras, Iloilo have a marginal level task-relevant knowledge.

KEYWORDS: Barangay health workers, task-relevant knowledge. 


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