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Submitted: 05 April 2018 Modified: 29 January 2019
HERDIN Record #: R06-WVSU-18040513463366

Open dressing versus povidone iodine dressing in the prevention of superficial surgical site infection on clean and clean contaminated operative wounds.

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BACKGROUND: Post-operative dressings for cleaning and clean-contaminated wounds can be expensive, time-consuming, and may be unnecessary.

OBJECTIVE: The study aimed to compare the efficacy of open dressing versus Povidone iodine dressing in the prevention of surgical site infection (SSI) on clean and clean-contaminated wounds.

METHODS: This randomized controlled trial was conducted at the surgecal service ward and OPD of the West Visayas State University Medical Center, with 91 patients: 32 clean and 59 clean-contaminated surgical wounds. Included were patients who underwent clean surgical procedures such as excision biopsies of breast masses, skin and soft tissue surgeries, and herniorrhapshies and those who underwent clean-contaminated surgical procedures such as uncomplicated appendectomies and elective cholecystectomies. Of the 32 patients in the clean wound group, 15 were randomized to the " Open dressing" and 17 in the "Povidone iodine dressing" group. Of the 59 patients in the clean-contaminated wound group, 33 were randomized to the "Open dressing" and 26 to the "Povidone iodine dressing" group. Wounds were opened only 48 hours post-operatively. Those in the Povidone iodine group were dressed using povidone iodine solution and then cover with gauze. This was done daily until such initial dressing was removed. All patients were seen by the senior residents daily to check for the presence of SSI until discharge. Patients were followed up weekly until 30 days post-operatively at the OPD and examined for the presence of SSI.  

RESULT: Using the Chi-square test homogeneity at a level of significance of 0.05, there was no significant statistical difference in the incidence of SSI between the Open dressing Group ang Povidone Iodine Dressing Group, for both Clean And Clean-contaminated wounds.

CONCLUSION: Open dressing is as effective as Povidone iodine dressing in preventing surgical site skin infection for both clean and clean-contaminated wounds.

KEYWORDS: Open dressing, providone iodine, superficial surgical site infection.

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