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Submitted: 05 October 2017 Modified: 27 February 2019
HERDIN Record #: R07-CITU-17100517425252

Stress benchmark among elected local government officials of the community of Consolacion, Cebu: Proposed stress management guide.

Manolito E. Gemota

A descriptive-correlational study was conducted involving 104 randomly selected elected officials in the local government of Consolacion, Cebu to benchmark stress and to design a stress management guide. A set of validated instruments consisting of checklists, tests, and questionnaires were administered, retrieved, tabulated and the data gathered were subjected to statistical analysis consisting of percentages, weighted mean, ranking and chi-square. The variables studied were the personal profile in terms of: gender, civil status, age, educational attainment, and number of dependents; the socio-economic profile in terms of: income, affiliation of organizations, scope of work, multiplicity of work, and leisure activities; the behavior patterns in terms of: personality type, attitude towards stress, and stress coping mechanisms; the stress patterns in the aspect of: type of stress, stress awareness level, and stress levels. The findings showed that all the respondents belong to the aggressive type of personality, and mostly have positive attitude toward stress (77.89 percent), have no sensitivity to chronic work-related stress (77.88 percent) and episodic work-related stress (81.73 percent), moderately aware of stress (71.15 percent) have cognitive levels of stress (95.19 percent) and have low level of physical stress (71.15 percent). The attitude toward stress is significantly related to sex, civil status, age and educational attainment but not to number of dependents, gender is significantly related to episodic non-work related stress and chronic work related stress, awareness level and physical stress, civil status is significantly related to chronic work related stress and physical stress. The number of dependent is significantly related to episodic work related stress, non-episodic work-stress and physical stress. There is significant relationship between age and cognitive stress level, the socio-economic variables and attitude toward stress. Multiplicity of work is related to chronic work and episodic work related stresses, awareness level and physical stress. It was concluded that the varied reactions and dealing with stress of the elected local government officials depended entirely on their personal appraisal of the situations. It was recommended that the local government officials should be made more aware of the nature, symptoms and hazardous effects of stress, to appreciate the importance of leisure and stress management measures. Stress release activities in between deep sessions should be considered to relieve stress and a stress busting room in every session hall should be provided to diffuse stress and tension. A stress management guide should be prepared for the perusal of the local government officials to promote good health.

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Thesis Degree
Doctor in Management
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December 2008
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