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Submitted: 26 September 2017 Modified: 08 April 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD1709261115277

Mental health stigma among Filipinos: Time for a paradigm shift.

Ana Kriselda B. Rivera,
Carl Abelardo T. Antonio

This paper aimed to provide a review of mental health stigma in the Philippines, its implications on policy and programs, and interventions on addressing the issue. Stigma towards people with mental illnesses in the Philippines is rampant; there seems to be lack of sensitivity in referencing mental health issues. Many forms of stigma affect people with mental illnesses. Stigmatizing attitudes and discriminatory behaviors are evident at home, school, workplace and healthcare settings. Stigma is a major barrier to the recovery of mentally ill persons. Increasing the awareness of the public on mental illnesses through health education and promotion is already an established intervention. Various strategies can also be done, such as integrating culture and arts, by providing incentives to companies which have mental health policies, and recognizing institutions and media agencies which promote positive portrayals of people with mental illnesses.

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Review Articles
Philippine Journal of Health Research and Development
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April-June 2017
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