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Submitted: 10 July 2010 Modified: 10 July 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD07091001072149

Factors leading to mental illness among residents in a rehabilitation and psychiatric center.

Samantha Ann Singh,
Cherryl Ramirez,
Jo-Honey Kristen Parenas,
Ivy Jane Doliente,
Aljelyn Cabural

This study was conducted to determine the factors causing mental illness in a psychiatric and rehabilitation center. It also evaluated the significant relationship between the resident's profile and the frequency of mental illness in the said institution in terms of biological, psychosocial, and substanceeabuse factors, and identified which of the factors greatly affected the mental health of a certain individual.

A total of 20 residents were involved in the study, who was admitted in a span of one year (2006-2007). Purposive sampling technique and descriptive method were utilized with the use of questionnaires and rating scale as instruments and were subjected to Chi-square test.

Result shows that among the different factors affecting mental health, educational attainment in terms of psychosocial and substance-abuse is the factor that has a significant relationship.

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