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Submitted: 09 July 2010 Modified: 25 January 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD07081011075590

Study on the attitudes of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis towards direct observed treatment short-course.

de Guzman Rachel Anne,
Gonzales Yonna Jill,
dela Cruz Carlotta,
Robby Ng,
Valene Joy Avila

This was a survey-type research, adopting the non-experimental design, particularly descriptive correlational studies. The study was conducted in a health center, which was actively rendering services for Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PfB) patients in their area of responsibility. The respondents were PfB patients who were also under the Direct Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS) program of the government. The respondents were 18 years old and above, had knowledge about the DOTS program, and passed the eligibility criteria of the study. The Slovin's Formula was used to determine the sample size, and questionnaire was employed as the main tool in gathering data.

Findings of the study show that majority of the respondents are 18 to 40 years, high school graduates, and are married. Results show no significant difference between their attitude in complying with treatment regimen, proper disposal of secretion, lifestyle, and their demographic profile.

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