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Submitted: 08 July 2010 Modified: 19 September 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD07071010072191

Health care services of school clinics.

Elvira A. Baquial

Health care service is an important support system for the effective learning of students and the efficiency of the personnel. In this study, health care services of the school clinics of different campuses of a university were evaluated specifically in terms of medical, dental, nursing health services offered, its health providers, and strategies used in health education given to the clients. Data gathering, document analysis, and ocular observations were done to assess the facilities, equipment, and supplies using the Department of Education School Health and Nutrition Services Manual of 1997.

Satisfaction with health services was assessed. To gain a deeper understanding of the clients, health providers were interviewed to evoke issues and concerns regarding the delivery of health care services.

The study used the descriptive-evaluative design. Respondents of the study were 452 personnel and 394 students who had directly availed of the services of the clinic. The study was conducted during the Academic Year 2006-2007.

Survey questionnaires were used to determine the profile of the respondents, perceptions of the personnel and the students on health care services, adequacy ct health care services, and problems encountered by health providers. Frequency distribution, percentage and mean, standard deviation, and Z test Iere used as statistical treatments in analyzing the data.

Findings show that the school clinics of the university have generally served 1i1G goal to some extent: health promotion, maintenance, and protection of the k'i1oo1 population. It also shows that the personnel have better perception and lDgher satisfaction with the health care services offered. However, there is a significant difference in the level of perception and satisfaction of personnel and students toward health care services. Problems are also encountered by the health providers.

It is concluded although clinics have adequate supplies, equipment, and competent providers, enforcement of health education in alleviating, among still be improved to promote and maintain good health among the school population. Taking the history of the client and doing the are also of prime importance in optimizing the health of the personnel. Thus, it is recommended that the medical, dental, nursing and health services of the clinics should enforce health education on of the nursing process as well as coming up with health improvement of the health status of the school population.

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