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Submitted: 28 January 2015 Modified: 25 January 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD15012805535456

The usefulness of the MODS assay in a level II mycobacteriology laboratory in the Philippine setting.

Myrna T. Mendoza,
Marc Agnew M. Cajucom,
Jill R. Itable,
Rosally  P. Zamora

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This study aims to compare the performance of the MODS assay in the detection of MTB and MDR-TB from sputum specimens with the standard egg-based solid culture medium (Lowenstein Jensen) and the liquid MB BacT culture system. The specific objectives are:
a. To determine time to detection of M. tuberculosis and MDR-TB from sputum specimen of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis using the MODS assay and compare with detection time using the standard LJ medium and the liquid MB BacT culture system.
b. To determine the accuracy rates of Rifampicin and Isoniazid drug susceptibility test results of the MODS assay with the drug susceptibility tests results done with the standard agar-based disk Proportion Method.
c. To determine the effect of on-going treatment on the isolation rate of M. tuberculosis by MODS assay and the standard egg based LJ medium and liquid based MB BacT culture system.
d. To compare the cost of the added advantage of the MODS assay with the standard egg-based medium (LJ), the liquid based automated MB BacT and the disk proportion method for detection of HR resistance.

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Research Project
November 15, 2011-November 15, 2012
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