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HERDIN Record #: NCR-UERMMMC-15010905314769 Submitted: 09 January 2015 Modified: 22 August 2019

Parents' profile and level of early intervention physical therapy services rendered to children with physical disabilities.

Irene T. Acuna

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Introduction Family-centered approach to early intervention, which is a part of special education, has been recognized through  Republic Act 8980, known as the Early Childhood Care and Development Act. This study aimed to determine the perceptions of parents on family-centered early intervention physical therapy services for children with physical disabilities, and their relationship with the parents' profile.

Methods The study was conducted among parents of children six years old and below undergoing physical therapy services in Quezon City. The Measure of Processes of Care (MPOC-20) was used to measure parents' perceptions on the behaviors of their early intervention physical therapists and the staff of the institution where they receive the services. It has four domains, namely: providing information,enabling partnership, respectful and supportive care, and comprehensive and coordinatedcare.

Results Thirteen parents qualified and participated in the study. Based on the means of the MPOC20, parents perceived a family-centered physical therapy approach. The study also revealed that there was no significant relationship between the parents' socioeconomic status and the level of early intervention physical therapy services on all domains of the MPOC-20.

Conclusion A consistent family-centered practice during early intervention is recommended for physical therapists and rehabilitation centers. Standardized program that will further its use for children with disabilities is also suggested.

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