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HERDIN Record #: NCR-OLFU-14041511475923 Submitted: 15 April 2014 Modified: 22 April 2014

Perceived family relationship of children in Sitio Santo Nino Quezon City: A basis for the development of parent's enrichment program.

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The research attempted to investigate the relationship between perceived family relationship and demographic profile. Using Filipino Family Relationship Scale (FFRS), data was obtained from the sample of 17 children from Sitio Santo Nino, the adopted community of Our Lady of Fatima University Quezon City campus.

The study revealed that participants perceived a healthy family relationship, wherein important elements in family relationship dimension exist - nurturance and affection, togetherness, discipline and communication. When test of association between perceived family relationship and demographic profile where made, it reveals that all the X2-values were lesser than the critical values at ?=.05 which implies that there is no significant association between family relationship and demographic profile. Although perception of family relationship is independent of the correlated demographic profile, other dimension can be considered for future research.

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Journal Article, Original
Fatima University Research Journal
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Thesis Degree
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March 2013


The study determined the perceived family relationship among the children of Sitio Santo Nino in Quezon City.

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