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Submitted: 20 September 2013 Modified: 07 May 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD13092009243818

Dynamics of caregiving in the context of non-professional caregivers of older people with disabilities.

Maria Fonseca Camill T. Baroña

This study aimed to provide an in- depth understanding on the meanings of caregiving among informal caregivers of older people with disabilities. Employing a multiple case study, this research induced meanings of caregiving within its real- life context. The analysis was facilitated through a three- level coding following the identification, analyzation, and reporting of patterns which led to the development of emerging themes. The findings of the study revealed the themes Partnership and Commitment with 1) genuine and 2) obligatory as subthemes of commitment. The results of the study showed that in formal caregiving, care providers are introduced into a partnership. Consequently, partnership was sustained by the commitment in caregiving activities which could either be genuine or obligatory. The genuine or obligatory commitment that sustained the partnership could result to either favourable care outcomes or mitigated care outcomes respectively.

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Thesis Degree
Public Health
Publication Date
March 2013
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