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Submitted: 30 April 2012
HERDIN Record #: R09-ZCHRD-12043012500244

Maternal knowledge, attitudes, and practices on childhood parasitism in Barangay Bangkerohan, Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur.

BACKGROUND - Parasitism ranked fourth as a cause of morbidity in Barangay Bangkerohan, Ipil, ZDS. The proponent aims to gain insight on the maternal knowledge, attitude and practices on parasitism.
OBJECTIVES - To determine the effect of an intervention on the KAP of mothers in barangay Bangkerohan regarding childhood parasitism.
METHODS - This interventional study has been accomplished in three phases. The 1st phase consisted of preparation of questionnaire, training of barangay health workers and a descriptive study determining maternal KAP on parasitism. The 2nd phase was the intervention stage which included health education and hand-out distribution about parasitism. The last phase of the study consisted of a post-intervention KAP survey using same set of questionnaires used previously. The study subjects consisted of mothers with children 2 to 12 years old. Mc Nemar's test was used to determine the differences in KAP responses before and after the intervention.
RESULTS - There were 71 subjects who completed the study. Only 69% (49) of the respondents have the knowledge on parasitism (e.g. loss of weight and pallor are signs of infection; wearing slippers and washing hands can prevent intestinal infection.) Ninety-seven percent (97%) said that they did not care about people with parasitic infection and were not interested on health practices. However, 98.6% agreed that houses and their surroundings should be kept clean. Post- Intervention results showed an increase from 69% to 95.8% of the respondents who claim about the knowledge on parasitism (e.g. loss of weight, pallor and decrease appetite are signs of intestinal parasitism; wearing slippers and washing of hands before eating and after using the toilets are preventive strategies) while there was a decrease in unconcerned attitude toward parasitism from 95.8% to 84.5%. CONCLUSION - The mothers in this study have poor knowledge on intestinal parasitism (from signs and symptoms of intestinal parasitism to causes and prevention. Health education improved the level of knowledge of mothers regarding parasitism.
RECOMMENDATION - To continue information campaign on the basic knowledge regarding parasitism, specifically at the grassroot level and preferably using the local dialect.

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OBJECTIVES - To determine the effect of an intervention on the KAP of mothers in barangay Bangkerohan regarding childhood parasitism.

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