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Submitted: 11 June 2010 Modified: 17 June 2019
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD06101001061196

Evaluation of the Sagip Putla program: Anemia detection and treatment in Bulakan, Bulacan, Philippines.

Aileen R. de Juras

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An evaluation study on the Sagip Putla program among pregnant women in the municipality of Bulakan was conducted to determine status and constraints as it has been devolved from the provincial to the local level. The FOURmula One for Health (F1) framework was used as a guide. Respondents of the study included service providers and consumers involved in the program. A combination of qualitative data collection procedures was employed. Descriptive statistics and correlation analysis were utilized to interpret results.

Results showed that Sagip Putla is implemented as integral part of the routine health services. On the basis of the four pillars of F1, regulation is reflected through the revised guideline, recording and reporting systems and information dissemination activities conducted. For financing, standard procedures for budget allocation and procurement were employed. In terms of governance, capacity building activities were not carried out, less attention to coordination was given and supervision of the program followed the organizational set up of the health unit. Service delivery conformed with the revised implementing guidelines and was illustrated through the knowledge and favorable attitude of health providers and consumers. Moreover, a good service provider-client relationship was evident.

The program has reached its target beneficiaries as shown by consumer's appreciation of the existing prenatal health package. This was translated to a relatively high compliance to iron supplementation and good pregnancy outcomes. The significant correlation found between anemia status with birth weight, gestational age and complications experienced during pregnancy; and compliance to iron supplementation with occurrence of complications during pregnancy established that to some extent the program worked.

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Thesis Degree
Applied Nutrition
Publication Date
July 2009
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