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Submitted: 10 June 2010 Modified: 13 February 2019
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Mental health situation of adolescents in selected public schools in the Philippines.

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OBJECTIVE: To describe the overall mental health situation of adolescents in selected high schools in the Philippines.

METHODS: This is a cross sectional study. A survey of 3006 high school students from three public high schools in urban settings was done. The following variables were investigated and described in this study. 1) Mental health situation as measured by the PedsQL teen ver. 4.0-Filipino. Variables include information on problems with health, activities, feelings, relationships, and school. 2) Mental health problems and concerns identified by the subjects themselves. 3) Possible factors that shape or influence adolescent mental health to be identified by the adolescents. 4) Programs and services of institutions near the selected research site. 5) Knowledge, attitude, practice and capacities of selected service providers in implementing programs on mental health in the selected areas.

RESULTS: This study revealed that adolescents are frequently or most frequently reported worrying about the future, feeling sad and feeling angry.

CONCLUSION: In general, mental health concerns expressed by the adolescents are more on psychosocial than the personal level. Individual, family, school, life events, and community/cultural factors were recognized as influencing mental health. The most emphasized factor was the family.

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Journal Article, Original
The Philippine Journal of Psychiatry
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January-December 2009
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