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HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC060794 Submitted: 17 May 2007 Modified: 12 April 2019

Injuries in older persons in the home and community: Strategies for prevention.

Edward James Gorgon

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Falls are an important health concern amongst older persons because it can lead to significant injury and even death. Falls are multi-factorial in nature and, as such, require intervention strategies that address the multiple risk factors for falling. It is often tempting to attack fall prevention using a "grocery list" approach - by eliminating or minimizing as many known internal and external risk factors as possible. Whilst this approach appears to have face validity, the problem of preventing falls and injuries in older persons is far more complex. Many studies have investigated the effectiveness of a range of interventions to prevent falls. However, no single approach has been shown to eradicate the problem of falling. Recent studies have suggested the value of interventions that capture the complexities of balance and mobility inside the home and in the community. Such interventions are based on what is currently known about the requirements of functional tasks and constraints imposed by the environment on balance and mobility. This presentation aims to accomplish two objectives: (1) to review current interventions for fall and injury prevention in older persons, and (2) to argue that new approaches that capture the complexities of balance and mobility in the home and community are needed.

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