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Submitted: 16 May 2007 Modified: 23 October 2018
HERDIN Record #: PCHRDPC960564

The effect of L-carnitine in the infarct size in one-month post-myocardial infarction cases.

 Flores VB,
 Topacio GO,
 Aliwalas D,
 Jacoba KGC,
 Sison NJM,
 Abola MT,
 Abarquez RF Jr,
 Defensor V

A multicenter randomized double blind parallel placebo controlled study was done to determine the effect of 2.97 gms. of L-Carnitine on myocardial cell viability in one-month post-infarction using Technetium (Tc)99m SPECT Hexa-MIBI rest-stress tests in 22 Carnitine (A) vs. 17 placebo (B) cases.

In group analysis using the resting Technetium-99m Hexa-MIBI pre- and post-treatment, myocardial involvement showed significant decrease in the L-Carnitine group at the left anterior descending artery, 43 +/- 38 to 40 +/- 38, 70 (p0.032) and at the right coronary artery distributions, 28 +/- 28 to 25 +/- 31, 45 (p0.018). There was no significant decrease in the placebo group. There was no significant intergroup difference because of the small sample sizes.

Hence, 2.97 gms of L-Carnitine in combination with other cardiovascular medicines significantly increased the myocardial viability in one-month post-infarction after 2 months of treatment, thereby acting as a metabolic energizer. (Author)

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1996, Manila
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