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Submitted: 05 October 2007 Modified: 06 March 2017
HERDIN Record #: PCHRD100407101016

Angiogenic modulatory effects of polar and fractional polysaccharide extracts of Ganoderma applanatum using the chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay.

Roberto M. Malaluan,
Franco G. Teves,
Lydia M. Bajo,
Faith  B. Amorado,
Mikhael Cereno M. Bajo

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Angiogenesis refers to the formation of new biood capiilaries, which occurs in both physiological and pathological processes in animals and in humans. It is an important factor in wound healing, growth of adipose tissue, and as a component of the female menstrual cycle. In tumor progression, angiogenesis is a requirement for neoplastic growth and survival.

Angiogenic modulating substances were obtained from the bracket fungus Ganoderma applanantum through fractional polysaccharide (FPS) and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction (SF-CO2) protocols. Four crude polysaccharide extracts from the FPS and one polar extract from the SFE using high pressure CO2 (300 atm) at 40 degrees C, were tested for angiogenic modulation using the chick embryo chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) assay.

Three out of four crude polysaccharide residues showed significant inhibition on angiogenesis. whereas significant angiogenic stimulation was observed with the polar residue. This was statistically confirmed using a CRD factorial analysis of data obtained from the CAM assay. This is the first study reported in the Philippines and elsewhere in the use of the CAM assay for determining the angiogenic modulating effects of Ganoderma applanatum extracts. It is possible that the elucidation of the chemical nature of the three polysaccharide residues exhibiting anti-angiogenic properties, may reveal a new class of anti-neoplastic natural products. On the ether hand, the angiogenesis-promoting polar residue may find its practical medical application in the stimulation of organ survival after transplantation ana as an adjunct treatment in paralysis, such as in cerebrovascular accidents (CVA). (Author)

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Original Research Work in Pediatrics: A Compilation
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