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Correlation of vocalization test or Single E Test (SET) and Peak Expiratory Flow Rates (PEFR) in assessing pulmonary function of adult asthmatics in acute exacerbation seen at United Doctors Medical Center(UDMC).

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Joe Alex S. Santos, Leticia M. Yao, Patrick Magalit
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Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine. March 2005; Vol. 43 ( 2 ) : p. 53-56 (Journal)
Abstract :
Objectives: 1) To determine the applicability of single E test (SET) in adult asthmatics who are in acute exacerbation 2) To establish a correlation between SET and Peak Expiratory Flow Rates (PEFR) among adult asthmatics seen at UDMC-ER and 3) To utilize SET as a useful method in educating patients . . .
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Philippine Council for Health Research and Development Library
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