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Professionals engaged in the conception or creation of new knowledge, products processes, methods, and systems, and in the management of the projects concerned. Included are managers and administrators engaged in planning and management of the scientific and technical aspects of a researcher's work.


Institution whose primary function is to engage in the conception, management, creation or synthesis of new knowledge, products, processes, methods and systems research, focusing on specific issues; provide advice and ideas on problems of policy; coordinating health research; distributing grants to support health causes;

Factors associated with outcome in Cox Maze IV procedure for atrial fibrillation among patients undergoing open heart surgery.
Background: The Cox Maze IV has emerged as an acceptable treatment modality for patients with atrial fibrillation undertaking concomitant open heart surgery. This study aimed to de . . .

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Investigation of Polystyrene Damage Due to Colonization by Locally Isolated Xylaria sp.
Background and Objectives: Colonization of microorganisms on pollutants is the first indication of the potentialability of microbes to utilize plastic pollutants as a carbon source by sequent . . .

Nutrition-related Corporate Social Responsibility Programs of Selected Corporations in the Philippines.
BACKGROUND: Solving a multi-faceted problem like malnutrition, with causes cutting across a number of sectors, requires a combination of efforts and programs. Many corporations hav . . .

Transformative Scale-Up of the School of Health Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila.
Background: The School of Health Sciences (SHS), University of the Philippines Manila, established in 1976offers a one-of-its kind ladder-type, community-based curriculum in health sciences. . . .

Solo Mothers' Challenges and Coping Strategies: A Phenomenological Study in the City of Manila.
BACKGROUND: Filipino society's normative definition of a 'family' is one that is composed of a married heterosexual couple and their children. In such cultural set-up, both the mo . . .

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Rapid identification of dengue virus serotypes by using polymerase chain reaction
Four primer pairs were selected on the basis of the published sequence data of four dengue virus serotypes so that each unique target sequence size could be amplified for each serotype by polymerase c . . .

Viruses associated with epidemic hemorrhagic fevers of the Philippines and Thailand.
Epidemiologic, clinical, and etiologic studies were carried out on a newly recognized, frequently fatal, pediatric disease syndrome which occurred in urban areas infested with Aedes aegypti mosquitoes . . .

The sodium and potassium content of Philippine foods: I. Foods of plant origin.
The sodium and potassium content of 282 samples representing 218 different foods items and six samples of water are presented in two tables. Our results on 38 food item . . .

Early termination of breastfeeding among Philippine urban poor.
Mothers from an urban poor group in a Philippine city were recruited within three months of delivery and followed for one year in monthly interviews to determine infant . . .

Torsion dystonia in Panay, Philippines.
There is an unusually high frequency of torsion dystonia in Panay. Of the 28 Filipino cases, 23 (82%) are from the island of Panay and 19 of the 23 (82%) are from the p . . .

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