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The prevalence of early decay of the sixth year molars among the grades II and III pupils.

Aleli Anenias-Vida

In the light of the findings of the study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1. A high percentage of decayed sixth year molars was preset among Grades II and III pupils of Project 6 Elementary School. An extensive dental care therefore is needed in theses grade levels. 2. Oral hygiene conditions did not influence the number of decayed sixth year molars. Grade III pupils showed cleaner teeth than Grade II pupils although the percentage of carious attack was higher in the former. Children upon reaching Grade III became conscious of their personal appearance and started cleaning their teeth more often. However, the teeth were already attacked by caries and no amount of tooth-brushing could have saved the decayed teeth. 3. Frequency of tooth-brushing and early decay of the sixth year molars had a close relationship. Toothpaste had a very little effect on the control of decay of the sixth year molars. 4. Frequent intake of sweetened foods like candies, breads and soft drinks have a direct influence on the caries activity of the sixth year molars. Sugar foods were retained on the fits and fissures of the molars and the acid formed had the opportunity to act on the dental hard tissues before the teeth were brushed again. 5. Hereditary had a very little effect on the early decay. Neglect of parents had a more positive influence. Parents were not interested on dental health. This was especially true with respect to visiting the dentist on a regular check-up. The home background and parents' interest in the dental health of the children is a positive factor to caries prevention. 6. Dental health education was lacking in school and in the community. A cooperative effort involving all personnel concerned in children's health is needed. It is not just a matter of presenting facts but rather, of creating a feeling of personal involvement for all.

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Journal Article, Original
The Journal of the Philippine Dental Association
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September-November 1978
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