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HERDIN Record #: 102255-19081616302049 Submitted: 17 August 2019 Modified: 22 August 2019

A cross-sectional study on the HIV-related knowledge, attitudes and practices of male youth having sex with men in Metro Manila.

Beatriz  Z. Arellano,
Aliza Mariel B. Armamento,
Donita N. Arnesto,
John Paul S. Arquines,
Joanna Mae S. Avanceña,
Erica Charleen M. Baluan,
Axl Rose B. Bangit,
Reshan D. Baoas,
Fatima Mae B. Barateta,
Angela Carmina Q. Barroquillo,
Calvin EJ R. Bautista,
Shaila P. Bautista,

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Introduction The Philippines continues to see an increasing trend in diagnosed cases of HIV. The
predominant population of males having sex with men (MSM) is the 25-34 years age group, but trends
show an increasing incidence in younger populations. This study aimed to determine the participants'
HIV/AIDS related knowledge, attitudes and practices and its relationships with the sociodemographic
factors of youth MSM in Metro Manila.

Methods The researchers used an analytic, cross-sectional design using a self-administered questionnaire.
The survey tool consisted on 24 items on knowledge and 12 on attitudes. Respondents were classified
into "inadequate" and "adequate" knowledge, and "poor" and "good" attitudes for the analysis. Purposive
sampling was used to recruit 251 respondents.

Results The mean age of the respondents was 22 ± 1.7 years. Most of the respondents had high HIV
knowledge and good attitudes towards PLHIV but still engaged in risky sexual practices. Those who had
undergone HIV testing were significantly more likely to have good knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS. With
regards to attitudes, those not in a relationship were significantly more likely to have positive attitudes
towards PLHIV and HIV/AIDS.

Conclusion HIV testing status positively influences HIV/AIDS-related knowledge while being single
positively influences attitudes towards PLHIV and HIV/AIDS. No significant findings were found between
age, educational attainment and religious affiliation with knowledge and attitudes.

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Journal Article, Original
The Health Sciences Journal
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January-June 2019
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