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Submitted: 07 August 2019 Modified: 07 August 2019
HERDIN Record #: 108920-19080711371221

Striking a balance: Accounts of african nursing students.

Raiyan T. Bakil,
Ellen Faye T. Bangili,
Nana Akua S. Osei,
Jude L. Tayaben

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The international students in the Philippines has more than doubled over the last years but few studies on the reasons and their coping mechanisms had been recorded much more on their exploration of  the specific changes foreigners go through when they uproot themselves their countries to the Philippines most specifically towards African student striving to achieve a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.


The qualitative study was conducted using descriptive phenomenology design in acquiring and analyzing data about the coping experiences of the rehabilitees. Thirty participants were selected however only seven signed the consent. Data were gathered primarily through a face-to-face interview . Data analyzes made use of the methodological interpretation of Van Kaam (1984).


Findings shows African learners experienced facilitating factors like peer influence, school organizations, faculty support, family support and encouragement. These facilitating factors lead into the three significant stages of their adaptation which are (1) pre adaptation (motivation and self reflection, cultural variations, clashes and cultural shock.. (2) Adaptation stage which includes home sickness and isolation, assistance from school, accuration, togetherness.  (3) Post adaptation stage which includes independence in and out of school. Further, there are also hindering factors found like un-empathetic faculty, cultural barrier (language) and reactions of the society.


It is hereby concluded that: (1) African learners in nursing in the Philippines experiences facilitating and hindering factors which had lead into the different stages of their adaptation.

Base on Conclusions, it is recommended that: 1. a.) University to do research on the coping mechanisms of international students in the Philippines. b.) Creation of University international students Organization.  c.) Filipino subjects to be integrated in their curriculum d.) Guidance and counseling for International Students on community and school expectations e) Provision of technological communicational facility for their families contacts.


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