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Submitted: 29 May 2019 Modified: 29 May 2019
HERDIN Record #: 108920-19052917205610

Varied circumstances of the millenial senior high school student on adolescent motherhood: A basis for reproductive health protocol.

King James  G. Abenoja,
Clarence  S. Adiwang,
Daphne Kris  B. Bay-an,
Gershee April  B. Cardona,
Alma Vanesa  C. Dupliyon,
Erika  T. Lagarto,
Sandrine  M. Nalicao,
Happy Ines  Nishimwe,
Maika Jenyl  Quintero,
Unyime  A. Udom,
Godfrey  G. Mendoza

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Globally, issues of motherhood remain a focus of major public concern because of their impact on maternal and child health. Most adolescent pregnancies occur in developing countries, and teenagers living in socio-economically disadvantaged settings in developed countries are at higher risk of teenage pregnancy as compared to the broader population. This study aims to determine the varied circumstances of Millennial SHS on adolescent motherhood that will served as a basis for reproductive health protocol. This study will provide brief description on the factors that can affect the student on their perspective view about adolescent motherhood.


The study is a quantitative design in nature. It employed descriptive-survey method. It described the varied circumstances of millennial SHS on adolescent motherhood using the four different factors. The population of the study was embodied in the University of the Cordilleras. The study includes Grade 11 and Grade 12. The sample size was pre-determined and computed using Sloven's formula and table of sample size. Stratified sampling was used to identify and choose the participants. The researchers utilized self-made questionnaires in Likert scale and were subjected for reliability and validity. Frequency distribution, mean and percentage, ANOVA, and t-test with two samples were used to treat data gathered. Informed consent and ethical principles for protecting study participants were employed using anonymity and confidentiality and Data privacy act of 2012. 


The demographic profile based on gender of SHS students are 57.1% for female and male is 42.9%. The varied circumstances were identified on different factors: personal, family, friends and peers, and environment. The personal factor shows a weighted mean of 2.53 which interpreted as agree. The family factors, has a weighted mean of 2.11 which reflects as moderately agree. In terms of friends and peer's factors it shows a weighted mean of 2.16 as moderately agree and in the environmental factors it shows a weighted mean of 2.49 which is moderately agree on the items presented. The relationship of gender and the different factors affecting the varied circumstances of SHS students varies. The personal factor is not significant at a significant level of 0.711. The family factor shows significant result of 0.064 which is not significant. Friends and Peer Factor has significant level result of 0.000 which is highly significant; while environmental factor has significant level of 0.819 which is not significant.


The varied circumstance of millennial SHS students on adolescent motherhood for millennial SHS students varies and is influenced by different factors. Gender is not a varying factor that affects the perception of millennial SHS students on adolescent motherhood. Teachers and administrators have to give meaning on solving this issue, reproductive health and sexuality is one of the subjects of importance at secondary school level.

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